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AEH Accounting is a full-service accounting firm that helps small business owners feel in control of their finances through experienced and reliable accounting services.


The first step in business financial health is cleaning up your business books. From categorizing transactions to ensuring your assets and liabilities are in line, AEH Accounting offers a range of bookkeeping services. Our automated system ensures that your transactions from all accounts are pulled into a single bookkeeping platform, where we can see the right information exactly when we need it. Avoid the tax-time stress of last-minute balancing books and all the benefits of seamless bookkeeping from a single platform. With AEH Accounting, you’ll receive regular financial reports like cash-flow statements, P&Ls, and accounts receivable so you can be fully informed and up to date.

CFO Consulting

We know that you didn’t start your business to become an expert in accounting. But we also know that it’s important as a business owner to feel confident that you understand what’s going on with your business’s financials. Chris Rogers, managing partner at AEH Accounting is an experienced entrepreneur who has experience in managing several of his own businesses. His entrepreneurial background is a huge advantage to all AEH Accounting clients: we can work with you from the perspective of both a small business managing partner and a professional accountant. We’ve been in your shoes before and we know the emotions, decisions, and factors that come with the finances of a small business.

Bill Pay

Bill PayOutsourcing your business’s bill payments is a simple and effective way to ensure your payments are all up to date and seamlessly integrated with your books. You can get rid of late fees, overdrafting, trips to the post office, costs of checks, and highly valuable personal or employee time by simply trusting AEH Accounting to handle your bills. We will develop a system for organizing bills and invoices, paying them on time, and ensuring no payments fall through the cracks. Plus, when combined with outsourced bookkeeping services, your payments and transactions are fully integrated in a single platform, making both services more efficient and accurate. This means you and your team can stay focused on what really matters in your business and leave the payments up to us.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Tax Planning & PreparationSmall businesses have a lot of things to keep in mind–and adding concerns about tax filings, payments, late fees, liens, and communicating with the IRS can be a big stress. It’s critical for small businesses and families to ensure your taxes are done correctly. We work hard to keep as much money as possible in your pocket while still staying current with estimated payments, annual filings, and the paperwork that comes with in. In addition, we can help you plan and prepare for taxes by making sure you’ve categorized transactions in the most effective way for your business–potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars each year.


In addition to having access to your latest book statements and financial reports, we believe that every business owner needs to feel confident about their understanding of their business’s finances. By automating your bookkeeping process and using systems and processes for quickly and accurately balancing your books, we collect all the data we need from your business. The first step is to have the data; the next step is to understand the story the data is telling. AEH Accounting services offers financial analysis to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your business’s financials as well as strategies for solving them.


PayrollFor an average small business, payroll can be one of the most time-consuming tasks. Payroll requires more than simply paying employees: there are different types of documentation and paperwork associated with each employee, taxes, payment records, withholdings, and more. Outsourcing payroll to AEH Accounting services is a practical way to ensure a professional is handling your payroll, keeping track of deadlines, submitting documents on your behalf, and keeping your records updated and organized throughout the process. It doesn’t take long to transition payroll to our team, and we can get right to work for you.

Financial Records Cleanup

Financial Records CleanupMany business owners try to take care of their books on their own. The end result can be a mess of charges that need to be reconciled and cleaned up for proper documentation. AEH Accounting can step in when you need help getting your previous’ years records updated, cleaned, and organized. It’s our goal to return your accounts to you with the clarity and accuracy that comes with working with a professional CPA. Don’t spend your time trying to do this on your own—we can handle it in a fraction of the time and at a price that’s worth every penny.


AEH has proven to be the best accounting firm I have worked with. Since taking over for my previous firm, they have consistently delivered. Every month I receive my financials with an explanation of what trends they see. They have relieved a significant amount of my stress and anxiety, which allows me to focus on growing my businesses and launching new ventures.

Josh,  Kona Ice Northern Kentucky & 859 Taproom and Grill

Working with AEH is the best decision we have made when it comes to accounting and tax. Our previous firms have proven to be unresponsive and reactive. They provide us with monthly P&Ls and updates on our cash flow. When working through the COVID-19 shut-down, AEH was on with us immediately, helping us navigate the PPP and EIDL applications and guidelines. AEH has helped reduce our stress, allowing us to focus on what we do best: Provide quality care for our patients! I would highly recommend AEH to any business.

Meredith, Practice Manager
Bellevue Family Dentistry

I am a salesman who runs a thriving website design business. I know how to sell, but I don't know Bookkeeping/Tax Prep/Accounting/CFO moves... Chris Rogers (AEH Accounting) has taken my business to the next level every year because he cares about my successes. He treats my business like it's his own. I recently got my PPP funding because Chris held my hand through the whole process. I would have been lost without him. He always guides me in the right direction. Thank you Chris.

David Brauntz, CEO @ Hudson Brauntz Digital