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Expert Accounting Services

Part-Time and outsourced accounting


Outsourced Accounting Services

  • Routine bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Accrual or cash basis financial statements
  • Cash transfers, wires, ACHs
  • Analysis of financial statements and reports
  • On-demand report generation

Expert Accounting Services

AEH Accounting provides expert accounting services to solo-entrepreneur and small- and mid-sized businesses. We take our bookkeeping services to the next level with the expertise and analysis of accounting. In addition to organizing the data, we help you feel confident in understanding the data, processing its impact on your business, and identifying any particular trouble spots in your business’ financial situation.

Accounting and bookkeeping have important strategic differences. AEH Accounting’s bookkeeping services will ensure you have updated, organized financial data, and we deliver that information to you at regular intervals. Our Accounting services take it one step further by not simply handing the information over to you: we help you understand the reports that you’ve been given and what the financial information is telling you about your business. With more clarity about your business’ financial situation, you can make better and smarter decisions for the future of your business.

Expert Accounting from AEH
Outsourced Services from AEH Accounting

Insights Into Your Financial Data

The goal of our accounting services is to offer you more insights to your financial data. Your business’ financials are critical to the long-term success of your business, and we help you better understand where your current business is and where it’s heading. Accounting requires the trained ability to interpret data, and we are experts in this area. Our reporting will offer you analysis and interpretation of your business’ financial data—saving you the time it takes to learn how to read financial reports with confidence and the cost of learning how to do it on your own.

Automated Bookkeeping

AEH Accounting’s automated bookkeeping further enhances our accounting services. Using leading technologies and trusted platforms, your business starts to become automated in several ways. AEH Accounting knows that it’s essential for businesses to be able to grow and change without having to restart your financial processes each time. Our products and services help protect your business as you expand so that even if you experience changes in your business or move on from AEH Accounting, you will be set up for success in terms of your financial processes. We can quickly and easily gather your financial information and spend more time preparing reports and assessing the financial health of your business. It’s not always enough to simply have the right data—you have to know how to make the data work for you.

AEH Accounting’s expert accounting services include bookkeeping services, financial reports and documentation, interpretation of your financials, support in preparing required documents and reports for loan or other purposes, and analysis of your bookkeeping records by a trained professional accountant..

Automated Bookkeeeping


AEH has proven to be the best accounting firm I have worked with. Since taking over for my previous firm, they have consistently delivered. Every month I receive my financials with an explanation of what trends they see. They have relieved a significant amount of my stress and anxiety, which allows me to focus on growing my businesses and launching new ventures.

Josh,  Kona Ice Northern Kentucky & 859 Taproom and Grill

Working with AEH is the best decision we have made when it comes to accounting and tax. Our previous firms have proven to be unresponsive and reactive. They provide us with monthly P&Ls and updates on our cash flow. When working through the COVID-19 shut-down, AEH was on with us immediately, helping us navigate the PPP and EIDL applications and guidelines. AEH has helped reduce our stress, allowing us to focus on what we do best: Provide quality care for our patients! I would highly recommend AEH to any business.

Meredith, Practice Manager
Bellevue Family Dentistry

I am a salesman who runs a thriving website design business. I know how to sell, but I don't know Bookkeeping/Tax Prep/Accounting/CFO moves... Chris Rogers (AEH Accounting) has taken my business to the next level every year because he cares about my successes. He treats my business like it's his own. I recently got my PPP funding because Chris held my hand through the whole process. I would have been lost without him. He always guides me in the right direction. Thank you Chris.

David Brauntz, CEO @ Hudson Brauntz Digital